About Us

Flight Line Radio: Event Enhancement Specialists

Our Story

FLR Group got started in the air show and professional golf realm and since then has expanded into many different types of venues.

We work with some of the largest air shows in the country and are proud of the long-standing rapport we have. Spectators hear not only the announcer anywhere on the grounds but also additional channels of content;some live, some pre-recorded. We even have the ability to offer content in a 2nd language.

While we work with the top air shows in the country, our team was extremely honored to work with one of the world's most prestigious equestrian events in 2010. The World Equestrian Games was held on US soil for the first time ever in Lexington, Kentucky. Spectators were able to listen to colorful, exclusive commentary for the duration of the event. The program was a major hit with the organizers and spectators.

Our program has been utilized at many non-sporting events such as major Drum Corp competitions to international auto auctions. We have recently been utilized by a publicly held company as a conduit to the workforce. Regardless of your event, our program is very flexible to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

"Hi Don, I wanted to thank you and Jamie once again for helping to make Wings Over Alpena 2010 a success! We really appreciated the value Flight Line Radio brought to our show. You two were fantastic to deal with and your professionalism was evident all weekend long. Your product is a great addition to our show; we’re looking forward to WOA 2012 and more Flight Line Radio! If you ever have any other shows “on the fence”, feel free to give them my cell number. I’ll be happy to share our experiences

Best regards, Phil Agius Director of Finance

How It Works

By using the Flight Line Radio personal radio receiver, patrons are able to move about the venue while remaining in touch with the show announcer, or getting behind the scenes information. The patron is no longer required to stand in one place to listen to the announcer. Now they can enjoy the action that is going on from everywhere on the grounds. FLR Sports Radio provides personal radios and transmission services for sporting events of almost any kind. We can allow the spectator to listen to the event from anywhere on the grounds and keep them engaged with customized commentary and information that will give them the "inside" track on the event. PA systems can only provide a short burst of information before the resonant noise pollution makes the sound incomprehensible. With Flight Line Radio the whole message can get through, crystal clear and complete. It doesn't stop there. Flight Line Radio can provide multiple channels of information, scheduling, safety, sponsorship, or a guest team fan channel. Multilingual services can also be added.

Our Mission

To enhance your spectators experience and create additional streams of revenue for your venue.